“I highly recommend RustStop. This is an excellent product. As a high tech manufacturing engineer, I am well aware of what corrosion does to sophisticated electronic circuit boards. As a rental property owner, I deal with rust constantly eating away at our hot water heaters. I also see the damage wet rainy New England springs and humid summers have inflicted on my vehicles before RustStop.

With the above mentioned background in mind, I purchased RustStop back in 2006 for my brand new Toyota Tacoma. The RS-4 unit was easy to install. At about two years, the unit developed a problem. I sent it back for a replacement and to my surprise, received the newer RS-5 at no charge. Six years have now gone by. My Tacoma is healthy and protected. I credit RustStop for an excellent product and exceptional customer service. Every vehicle I own from now on will proudly wear RustStop.”

R Cary, Massachusetts, USA 2012

“I purchased “ Rust stop” some years ago and fitted the product to our 1984 Toyota Coaster Bus which had been converted to a motor home. The vehicle was a Japanese import and when we bought it in 2001 it was showing signs of rust damage which led to much hand work cleaning off the rust and repainting the whole vehicle. This did not stop the rust breaking out again and many hours were spent sanding down and touching up these bad spots only to have the rust show it self again after a short period of time. In 2006 the advert for your product was seen in The Motor home magazine and my partner and myself decided to purchase it and give it a try in order to give some respite from the continual rust outbreaks which had plagued us for so many years. After reading the installation instructions carefully the electrodes were fitted to the Bus with great care to make sure that a proper and clean electrical contact was made between each electrode and the vehicle body and tested with a multitester just to make sure that we had fitted those electrodes properly at each of the 8 points. Since fitting the system the outbreaks of rust which had been plaguing the motor home have been largely reduced and are no longer causing us the same worries as before. I would say that there has been 70 to 80% reduction in rust damage to the motor home since fitting Ruststop. We sold the Vehicle 2 months ago and have purchased a newer motor home which is going to be fitted with Ruststop in the near future, such is our faith in its ability to protect our investment.”

John B & Jackie M, Nelson, New Zealand 2012

“I purchased my RustStop in 2003 for a 1999 Range Rover and was so happy with it that in 2009 I transferred it to a 2005 Toyota Prado (with new electrodes). Both vehicles have enjoyed sojourns on the beach as well as bush adventures. Neither vehicle showed any hint of corrosion except at the electrodes. I check the electrode voltages regularly and they are always operating as expected. This device gives you the confidence to use you 4 WD as it should be without fear of that nasty rust. I love my RustStop.”

Jerome K, Queensland, Australia 2012

“I have no problems with your system and no sign of any rust even though I reside 50metres from the ocean. Thank you.”

Geoff H, Bribie Island, Australia 2012

“I have had it in an 1986 Nissan Navara 4×4, I got the car in 2004 with gen 65000 k on it and it had no rust anywhere. The plates on the back you can see working, and the only bit of rust to come in was in the radiator support panel a spot welded seem, surface rust only. I have loved your product and if I get a new car it will be on it.”

Trevor G, Clontarf, Australia 2012