Nitro Drill Bits

The Problem with ordianry drill bits...

  • They Dull, Bend and Break too easily.
  • They skip and walk on hard or curved surfaces.
  • They gum up on soft materials, producing inferior quality holes.

The Solution: Nitro Drill Bits from JRM Distribution

  • They stay sharp longer, producing as much as 200% more holes per bit.
  • Resist bending and breaking.
  • Remove chips more rapidly.
Features Benefits
Made of Nitrite Coated M-7 Tool Steel Less Dulling... Stays Sharp Longer
Stronger, Tapered Web Design Much less bending and breaking
135ᵒ Split Point Provides 4 Cutting Edges Easier to start on curved and Hard surfaces
Polished Flutes Remove chips more rapidly, prevents gumming

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13pc Index 350N13 $40.86 1/16 thru 1/4 by 64ths
15px Index 350N15 $108.69 1/16 thru 1/2 by 32nds
21px Index 350N21 $98.60 1/16 thru 3/8 by 64ths
29px Index 350N29 $203.09 1/16 thru 1/2 by 64ths
115px Index 400N0115 $568.45 Master Assortment, 1/16 thru 1/2 by 64ths plus Number Sizes 1 thru 60 and letter sizes A thru Z

*Call for information and pricing on other indexes and individual sizes.